Perpsectives in Art

Even if Western culture continues to place a high value on art, it has always been reluctant to give it an inherent value or a meaning. Our admiration for art must be based on a timeless core belief art is good for us, even though we no longer seem comfortable expressing it. If we don’t think this is true, then our investment of resources—including time, money, and study—is pointless. What benefits of art might there be for us? The ability of art to encourage, comfort, and direct us toward better versions of ourselves as well as to help us live more fulfilling lives both individually and collectively is what gives it value, in my opinion.For some people, art’s ability to shock still serves as a major draw today. We are aware that, both individually and collectively, we risk becoming complacent, art can be worthwhile when it surprises or upsets us. We run the risk of forgetting how artificial some values are in particular.

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